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Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport – Taxi

Taxi is the most convenient mean of transport to get to Shenzhen city centre, especially during peak hours, where public transport can be really crowded. Under these circumstance, taking a taxi turns to be a wisest option.

Looking for an unoccupied taxi? Then just look at the round red light on the passenger side of the front windscreen, that will mean the taxi is empty and you can ride it.

In Shenzhen, you can find four types of taxi: red, yellow (which run in both urban and suburb areas), green cabs, operating just in Bao’an and Longgang districts, and blue cabs, which are electric, covering the same area as red cabs.

The ride will take you about 30 minutes depending on traffic. 


Find taxis 24 hours a day outside the Terminal building, in taxi lines. 

Taxi companies

You can book your taxi through the following hotline: 96880

Opening hours: 24 hours. 


To ride a taxi from Shenzhen Airport to city centre, it will cost you around RMB 100 Yuan. 

Taxi meter fares begins at RMB 10 Yuan (which are 2 km in total), and after the 2 first kilometres, RMB 2.4 Yuan. 

There is a permanent surcharge of fuel surcharge of RMB 3 Yuan. 

From 11:00 pm to 6:00 am it is applied night fare.

Taxi scams

Be aware of possible scams regarding taxi drivers. Do not trust drivers who approach you in the Arrivals Hall asking you to ride their vehicle to the city. Many of them do this in order to scam tourists and visitors. They are illegal operating and possess an unmarked vehicle and can charge you additional fees, which are way more expensive than licensed taxis.

Ride legal licensed taxis, they have always their license shown in their car. 

Tips to ride a Taxi in Shenzhen

- Do not pay attention to the drivers who approach you while you are in the Arrivals Hall. Probably they would offer you a special price for the ride and can be a scam. 

- When you get to your destination, ask for the invoice after you paid for the ride. 

- Make sure to have your destination written down in Chinese. Many taxi drivers don’t speak English unlike drivers in Hong Kong. 

Share a car

Sharing car apps such Uber and many others are a useful way to get to your destination at a reduced cost comparing to the above options. You can consider to share your ride with more people or simply join another one’s trip. 

Shenzhen Tong Card

You can buy a Shenzhen Tong Card to ride on either bus, metro and some taxis. 

Using this electronic card will give you a special discount in all trips and also you will take advantage of it, since you will avoid queues and hordes of people. 

You can buy it at the ticket booth of any metro or bus station, post office, Shenzhen Tong Customer Service Centre and also at some convenience stores. 

Total fare for getting this card is 100 Yuan (including a deposit and the amount destined to pay the transport tickets). 

Be sure to keep the receipt when you purchase the card with you. In case of loss or theft, you can use it to cancel or retrieve the balance, except the deposit.