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Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport – Terminal

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport was opened on 1991. 

In the past, Shenzhen International Airport was formed by three different terminals: Terminal A, Terminal B and Terminal D, which were all them closed on 2013 due to the construction of the current terminal on 2008, also called Terminal 3.

Since 2013, Terminal 3 is the single operative terminal in the airport. 

Shenzhen hosts over 150 domestic and 21 international air routes. It serves as a hub to Shenzhen Airlines, SF and Shenzhen Donghai Airlines.

It is the first airport in China to add a robot to the security staff. 

About its shape

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport new Terminal 3 has a shape like a Manta Ray and it looks a giant oval tube wrapped in metal and glass. 

Terminal information

The Terminal has a main hall and two side halls.

The Main Hall has four layers above ground and two layers underground.

Regarding the south halls, there are located the international flights halls (either arrivals and waiting halls) and restaurants. It is also connected to the Ground Transportation Centre. 


The Terminal is divided by six levels:

- -1 level: Underground level. 

- 0 level: Underground level. 

- 1st level: International Arrivals, Immigration, Inspection and Quarantine, luggage claim, International Arrivals Hall.

- 2nd level: Domestic Arrivals Hall and luggage claim. Access to VIP Lounges (2) and services (restaurants and shops). 

- 3rd level: Inspection and Quarantine, Waiting Hall for either domestic and international and exit frontier inspection for international flights,

- 4th level: Domestic & International Departures, left luggage, lost & found, check-in counters. Also the Domestic Departures Hall is hosted here. 


Check here the Airlines that operates in Shenzhen Airport.


The following services are offered in the Main Terminal:

- Free Wi-Fi connection
- Restaurants
- Duty-free shops
- Lost & found
- Prayer rooms
- First aid station
- Children’s play area
- VIP lounges
- Baggage services
- Baggage storage
- Airlines lounges
- Disabled services
- Toilets
- Showers
- Business facilities
- Post services
- Luggage storage
- Banks
- Currency Exchange
- Baby care rooms
- Smoking allowed rooms

Present and Future

A third runway, a fourth terminal and a budget terminal are included in the airport expansion plans. There is also a second airport under consideration. 

All these new facilities are on the Eastward Shift Strategic Action Plan, which will be developed on 2016 – 2020 period. 

Also, there will be opened a new transport service linking Shenzhen Airport with the North Railway Station, which will be operative when Terminal 3 opens. 


Shenzhen Airport includes in its facilities an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and a whirlpool.